Among Miracles


[This post was originally published as part of my BluebirdFebruary creative nonfiction blog.]

Days pass and the years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles.
— Chaim Stern, Gates of Prayer

A few years ago, I started keeping a list of small synchronicities I noticed in everyday life. The relative I ran into who had been on my mind. The tough week when three different people sent me identical notes of encouragement. The time I put off sending flowers to a friend but the timing worked in a beautiful way I could never have foreseen. 

It’s informal. I keep the list in the notes section of my phone. I call it Among Miracles.

I didn’t start the list to prove anything; it’s really about gratitude, acknowledging the mystery, and remembering that goodness persists. 

But mostly it’s about gratitude.

This world, with its loss and pain and ordinary Tuesday afternoons, is still worthy of awe. It’s a privilege to walk among miracles.

Molly McCueComment